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Top 10 Habits That Enhance Your Mood and Your Success

In life coach, mindfullness, self-care by MaryAnn

Your daily rituals ultimately determine the quality of your life. Happy and successful people do different things each day than the average person. And they do those things consistently. This is great news! A few small changes can transform your life, but patience is required. Instead of focusing on big changes, consider making a few minor adjustments. The odds of …

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How to Use Your Lemonade Stand Experience to Succeed in Business

In mindfullness, self-care by MaryAnn

Lemonade stands have been teaching kids about how to run a business for generations. Remember the old Peanuts cartoon where Lucy dispenses advice instead of drinks for five cents, and then Snoopy undercuts her for two cents? Even if your neighborhood was less competitive growing up, your first experience with being an entrepreneur probably made a lasting impression. Some of …

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Unleash Your Hidden Mental Strength

In life coach, mindfullness by MaryAnn

It can be difficult to measure your mental strength when life is running along smoothly. However, when you encounter a major event like divorce or being laid off, you’ll need to be in top shape. Prepare yourself for whatever lies ahead. You can do almost anything if you set your mind to it. Try these tips for increasing your stamina …

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10 Ways a Happy State of Mind Affects Your Immune System

In life coach, mindfullness, self-care, stress reduction by MaryAnn

Scientists once believed the mind and the body were separate, that one didn’t influence the other. Today we know that isn’t the case. Your perception of your stress levels and general mental state can have profound effects on the efficacy of your immune system. Your immune system doesn’t just deal with illnesses like the flu or the common cold. Your …

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7 Ways to Keep Your Mind in Shape

In life coach, mindfullness, stress reduction by MaryAnn

For many of us, keeping our body fit is an easier task than our mind. What does it mean to condition our mind? A fit mind to me says I can recall names easily without reaching for the “smartphone.”  What literally occurs to our brains when using a smart devices is two-fold. Sometimes it does make it lazy, and other …

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Our Thoughts as a Cosmic Soup

In coach, life coach, mindfullness by MaryAnn

Are you a Teflon or a Velcro person? Do you let random thoughts roll in one ear and out the other, like your head’s filled with Teflon, or do these thoughts seem just to stick there, like there’s a lot of Velcro filling that space between your ears instead? I learned these analogies from a yoga instructor, Tias Little in …