Career Coaching

Career Coaching No matter the stage of your career, coaching can offer many benefits to you. Pick your favorite sport or athlete, and you will find they all need expert coaching for continued improvement. Likewise, you consider a career coach to improve your efficiency in the professional world. As your Career coach, I come with over 25 years of executive recruiting experience, and what made me successful in this role translates perfectly to assist you with career guidance and help you create the career path for lasting fulfillment. So, what exactly is a career coach? I'll be here to help you discover your real potential. We'll start with assignments, created to assist you in determining your strengths, and, likewise, help you re-frame your weaknesses. As an executive recruiter, I often have found your strength can also be your weakness. By your becoming more aware of this, you can feel more confident during interviews. You will also explore what gives you a more profound meaning at the office, and, if not there, how to harness your creativity and renewed passions outside of it. Here are some of the key benefits of using a career coach: Assess your talents, abilities, and real potential. Define your career goals Become more self-aware. Evaluate your career options and create an effective action plan Address your mindset in your professional life Boost your level of confidence with your new awareness and role-playing interviews, as needed Understand the job market and tips for searching, as well as positioning your skills. Other benefits you can experience by working with an experienced career coach are feeling more prepared and aware of the marketplace, and help with negotiating tips. A coach is your interested third party, which is much better than your friends or family, who may have hidden agendas when you express your dreams to them. If necessary, we can explore the six-human needs test to help you understand some of your personality traits and how you interact with others.